Epigenetics – Study of the software

Think of the DNA as the hardware of the body, holding all the information that is needed to create all the parts of your body. The DNA keeps track on all of the information, like a giant hard drive with an enormous amount of information. To read the DNA, the body needs a software that decides which parts and how much of it gets read. Epigenetics is the study of this software that exists in every living being, the software that controls the DNA.

Methylation – Roadblocks on the DNA

One part of the software that controls the DNA is called Methylation. There are several methylation sites along the DNA which work as roadblocks when the DNA is about to get read. These roadblocks need to be turned off in order for that specific part of the DNA to be transcribed.

A roadblock can be turned off by things that happen outside of the body. For instance, harsh storms could start the transcription of certain parts of the DNA that then affect the traits of that person.

How is it used in the game?

In Epigenesis, players demethylate plants by shooting them with a highly concentraded ray of light. This will start a new trait in the plant that will help the players to win the ball game. Players will be able to methylate the opponents plants which will deactivate their plants abilities.