Update 0.2b

Hey everyone! New update with bots, map, mode and more! Below you can see the trailer, and further down the complete patch notes.

New feature: Bots

  • Bots have been added to Epigenesis by request from the community!
  • New feature: Singleplayer
  • Setup a game through the new singleplayer-menu and battle against bots on Gadget arena and Omani arena

New feature: Achievements

  • “Longshot” achievement for making a score from X distance (should be a pretty long distance)
  • “Marksman” achiev for hitting with ten rails in a row
  • “Not a beginner, not a pro” for winning 10 matches
  • “Promode, activated!” for winning 500 matches
  • “Tactician” for using every power-up in a single match
  • “Iron Defence – Goal” for stealing the ball with a melee within X distance from your goal (should be on the spawn-platform)
  • “Desecrate Omani Homelands” for winning 10 times as Argos on OmaniArena
  • “Desecrate Argos Homelands” for winning 10 times as Omani on ArgosArena
  • “Hattrick!” for when a player does 3 goals in a single match

New game mode: Instagib

  • Play the classic game mode “instagib” in Epigenesis. Selective servers will be hosting this free-for-all game mode!
  • This is instagib v.01 and we’ll need further development. Feedback is always welcome on our forums!

New map: Legacy Arena

  • Battle on this new medium-large map that have a wide range of jump difficulties.This map features a lot of line-of-sight


  • Major update to all HUD elements and menus
  • Changed placement of Loadout icons in pre-game
  • The smokescreen on Mixed Arena and Argos Arena will now fade in and out instead of just disappearing
  • Changed banners back to Argos and Omani characters
  • The team flags now have cloth physics. The flag can’t interact with players and/or the ball due to performance issues
  • The shockwave pickup should now be able to push players down if they are below you.
  • Added a sound for when a player melees another player
  • Powerups will be available in the warm up and will respawn when the match begins
  • Added sound for buttons in menues
  • Added showcase for Plants and Buffs in Customization menu
  • Added text below the status-heads for the teams (HUD)
  • Added a sound when players hit with melee


  • Added particle for flying platforms on Gran Arena

Balance Changes:

  • The Methylation beam is a bit longer
  • The Methylation beam appear directly once the right mouse button is pressed.
  • The smokescreens smoke is bigger
  • The smokescreens detection range is bigger
  • Increased the time between shots for the Turret from 1 to 2

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the ball sometimes had a snowball-material.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could hear other players welcome sound
  • Fixed a bug where the menu didn’t disappear when the player pressed “resume”
  • Fixed scaling bug for Grapple icon (HUD)
  • Fixed the “Welcome” sound bug
  • Powerups now spawn in warm-up


That’s all for this week! See you at i51!

Epigenesis coming to Insomnia 51!

As the title reads, Epigenesis is coming to Insomnia 51!  The event will be held 18th-21st April in Ricoh Arena, pretty close to Birmingham in the UK. Our sharks Calle and Michael will showcase Epigenesis in the Indie Area, ready for any glory-driven attendees to play! There might even be closed beta-keys and never before seen Epigenesis and DS3P T-shirts available, but only for those who deem themselves worthy!

More information about Insomnia 51 can be found here.

In other news; all of the sharks are hard at work, crunching away for the next update. We can say that we are quite excited for this one, as new features will be available for the public. You will see what it is this Friday, but no; it is not regenerating health.

That is all for this week. We hope to see you guys for the dev night this weekend, and at i51 the next! In the meantime, have a wallpaper of your favorite Epigenesis team (it’s Argos, right? I mean, Omani..? Argos..? Omani..?)!

Team_Argos_01_1920x1080 Team_Omani_01_1920x1080





















Click to enlarge

Link to album for different resolutions

Regenerating health and more!

We apologise for not bringing an update last week, but we hope to make it up to you by bringing these exciting news! Once again the players have spoken, and we’ve listened! The complaints about dying too easy has stuck around, but finally we have the solution. Regenerating health!

ThisisrealipromiseThis new and exciting feature will help players stay alive and in the action by simple moving in and out of combat, allowing the regeneration to kick in. No longer will that guy from the other side of the map be able to pick you of with the railgun, just hide behind one of the many chest-high walls! That’s right, all of the maps will be updated with 500% more conveniently sized barrels, crates and flipped tables. Also a much requested feature. With this comes our new cover-based system, which will stick your character to the wall (like glue!) and pop the camera into 3rd-person.

We feel that this change will be unique and exciting, and that the game is moving in the right direction. Coming one step closer to that streamlined AAA-feel, and moving away from the clumsy, low-standardness of indie. To further enhance this, we will look to well tested and used features in the FPS-genre, and have thus decided to spend less time with the community. This means that from this point on we will read and answer a maximum of one post per month (on the official Epigenesis forum).

We hope that everyone is as excited as we are for this upcoming patch, as we hope to bring Epicgenesis to the next level!

-Dead Shark Triplepunch



If there is any confusion regarding this patch, please follow this link.


QPAD Cup is drawing near!


Soon, the grandest players of Epigenesis will face off in the QPAD Cup for glory, pride, and some sweet headsets!

The date has, as you might have noticed, changed for the cup however. It will begin 16:00 CET on Sunday, and end somewhere around 23:00 CET. This change is to prevent teams waiting for one another, and for an overall better flow of the tournament.

The prizes, which we may remind you of, still remain:

  • Three QPAD QH-90 PC gaming headsets engraved with the Epigenesis logo for the winning team
  • Three QPAD mouse pads for the 2nd team
  • Dead Shark Triplepunch T-Shirts for the top three teams

These prizes may only be shipped to the US or Europe. We apologize for not being clearer with this in the beginning.

As of right now, there are 7 teams signed up, and the maximum amount is 8(!), meaning that only one more team may enter. If you’ve been hesitant to join, now is the time!

Click here to sign up!

The even will be streamed on Dead Shark Triplepunchs official channel, and we cannot wait to see what the teams have been planning for this tournament!

May glory lead your way!

QPAD Cup sign-up is live!


SIGN-UP HERE: http://www.esl.eu/eu/epigenesis/3on3/qpadcup1/signup/

This is it! The sign-up for QPAD Cup is now underway, so get your laser slinging buddies together and join the fun!

Sponsored by QPAD, this tournament aims to bring competitive gameplay in all the glorious madness which Epigenesis stands for. It will be kicking off Friday, February 21st and come to an end Sunday, February 23rd, so be sure to clear your schedule.

Throughout the weekend games will be played 3 vs. 3 in a double-elimination fashion, finally leaving one team standing victorious. Do not fear, however, as not only the victor will go home with shining QPAD gear. The prizes are as follow:

  1. Three QPAD QH-90 PC gaming headsets engraved with the Epigenesis logo for the winning team
  2. Three QPAD mouse pads for the 2nd team
  3. Dead Shark Triplepunch T-Shirts for the top three teams


The tournament is administrated and hosted by ESL. For information on how to sign-up on the tournaments bracket, visit http://www.esl.eu/eu/epigenesis/gettingstarted/

So grab two friends, sign up on ESL, practice and get ready to fight for glorious, one-of-a-kind headsets! May the gravity-basketball-laser-gods be with you!

New Map, Plant and Music!


Hello everyone!

Today, as promised, we have a new level, a plant and music track for everyone to try out and listen to in this weekend’s game nights!

The new level, GranArena, has actually been up for a couple of weeks for community testing and has had some art passes and balance fixes made to it since. The level is larger than our ordinary maps which makes it better suited for 4v4 and 5v5 games. It also features jump pads with larger height differences!

The new plant, called the Trench, is now selectable from the Customize Menu. The Trench creates a force field which is carried by friendly players, protecting them from harm. Use it to capture those hard to reach platforms while avoiding enemy fire!

Finally, the new music track is called The Chase. It features epic guitar riffs and a speedy tempo which ensures lots of adrenaline rushes while you fight to secure those goals. Having Alexander Brandon as the main source of inspiration for the music, prepare to get flashbacks to the early Unreal Tournament tracks while listening to this!

The Chase, as well as every other track featured in Epigenesis, can be found on our Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/deadsharkaudio


Scrim Night – This Saturday (tomorrow!) at 18:00 CET. Come online and play, talk to us on TeamSpeak! We will be streaming and commenting your games!

Dev Game Night – Every Sunday at 20:00 CET. Come online and play with the developers, join us on TeamSpeak and tell us what you think about the new features!

Official TeamSpeak 3 server: voice.deadsharktriplepunch.com

See you in-game!

- Michael ‘Mahkul’ Levall, Project Lead at DS3P

Epigenesis Showcase on Unreal Engine

Epigenesis gets showcased on Unreal Engine.

Read about our exciting time in the Make Something Unreal Live 2013 over at UnrealEngine!
If the image doesn’t work, use this link: http://www.unrealengine.com/en/showcase/epigenesis/

Announcement: Postponed release date

Hey everyone,

As some of you might know, Epigenesis has so far been set on a Q1 release. Our original plan was to bring the game to a completed state by January 12th, but it has now become clear to us that we cannot keep that date and at the same time bring the game to a level of polish and content that we want.

Instead of rushing the release of the game, we have decided to keep working on it until late Q2 2014. The challenge with this is that everyone in DS3P are currently studying game development at a university in Sweden. We are in our final year (yay!) which means that we have to do our exam work this spring. This means a lot of university work and in turn less time to put on developing Epigenesis.

In the end this change will mean more content and a better product for you, the community. It also means that there will be smaller, slightly more irregular patches (probably monthly) starting in February and that it might be harder to get in contact with us due to the double workload.

With this said, nothing brings us more joy than working with you guys to make the best twitchy shooter possible and we will continue to organize community events throughout spring. You have something we’ve decided to call “Scrim Nights” to look forward to in January, as well as a larger patch with additional map(s), music and a brand new plant!

One last thing. The additional development time will let us look into a much requested feature, namely a Level Editor. Maybe. Possibly. Likely.

Have an awesome Holiday everyone, if you got any questions just pop into our forum and we’ll do our best to answer.

- Michael ‘Mahkul’ Levall, Project Lead at DS3P

Epigenesis 50% off!

Go grab Epigenesis, 50% off on the Steam Holiday Sale!



Lazer Snowball Tournament Wrapup

The Winners Are Toagette


After a great weekend the Lazer Snowball Tournament is over! It was a total of 8 teams competing and after some nail-biting games the winners became Toagette.

1st place: Toagette
2nd place: The D stands for Dede
3rd place: H1tscan Her0z

In prizes Toagette will keep their in-game banner they earned by winning the last tournament. All teams that participated will receive 3 copies of Epigenesis to give to their friends.

You can check the brackets over at http://ds3p.challonge.com/lasersnowballtournament to see how it went for the other teams.

VODs is up over at http://www.twitch.tv/deadsharktriplepunch/profile/pastBroadcasts and will be edited soon!

Big thanks to everyone that competed and watched the games. See you all in the next round!